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Development of UV curable leather polish (Part 1)

[Abstract] long chain polyether modified epoxy acrylate (PEA) and flexible polyether urethane acrylate (PUA) were synthesized as flexible prepolymers of UV curable leather polish, and the formulation optimization experiment of UV varnish was carried out. The UV curable leather polish developed can completely meet the finishing requirements of real leather and artificial leather when the oil pipe is broken or oil leaks from the oil pipe

key words: polyether modified epoxy acrylate; Polyether urethane acrylate; UV curing; Glazing oil; Leather

the design, synthesis and functional polyimide of new 2-amine in leather polishing is the last process in leather processing, playing the role of protection and decoration. At present, its leather polish is mainly acrylic lotion, which has a long drying time and weak adhesion; In terms of polishing and re product development of artificial leather, the thermosetting method is mainly used. First, the glue is coated on the plastic film, then the plastic film is hot pressed on the leather, and finally the plastic film is removed. This production method is slow and cumbersome

it has not been reported that leather polish is made of UV curing materials and then coated by UV curing. UV curing varnish has the advantages of no volatile solvent, fast curing speed, high production efficiency, no pollution and energy saving. It is a good environmental protection product

1 principle analysis

1 1 prepolymer and active diluent of UV curing material

uv curing material is composed of prepolymer, active diluent and initiator. From the requirements of leather, the cured leather must be soft, have necessary elasticity and strong adhesion with leather, which requires that the prepolymer active diluent must be soft; And there must be a certain olefin bond density to ensure the curing speed

the structures and properties of various UV cured prepolymers were analyzed and compared. The possible prepolymers with flexible modification were epoxy acrylate and polyurethane acrylate. In this paper, epoxy acrylate and polyurethane acrylate are used as UV curing prepolymers, and the relevant active diluents are selected from the existing varieties

1. 2. Synthesis principle of epoxy acrylate modified by long-chain polyether

1 3. Synthesis principle of flexible polyether urethane acrylate (PUA)

in the formula: R is the hydrocarbon oxygen segment of polyether

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