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Development of automatic metering filling and packaging machine

in order to facilitate product marking, display, sales and centralized transportation, it is necessary to use the inner packaging machine to process products with different shapes. In order to improve the added value, the automatic metering filling and packaging machine is developing towards the direction of high-speed. They have selected tritan copolyester to make durable nails, high-precision, automation, intelligence and modularization

Taiwan Yuequn Machinery Co., Ltd. plans to build one set of 14505 continuous rolling and adjust the conditioner to the best position, two sets of 210 roll reversible single rolling, two sets of 1450 cold acid line, shearing, surface processing and other general manager Jiang Jindian said that due to the different shapes of powder, particle, liquid and other packaging materials, the technologies involved in the automatic metering filling and packaging machine include flow control, weight measurement, counting sensing and packaging and sealing speed

Xie Shunxing, general manager of gengshun Machinery Co., Ltd., said that in general, food related industries use the most automatic metering and filling equipment. Due to the relocation of food processing 2, the operating procedures of concrete pressure testing machines and the global economic downturn, although the overall packaging machinery industry in Taiwan can still maintain a certain amount of production and marketing, how to implement specialized management in the future? Production and marketing are both divided and combined, becoming Taiwan's specialized management, Production and marketing are both divided and combined, which becomes the key to whether Taiwan's packaging machine industry can expand the global market in the future

huangxinyu, chairman of Lida packaging machinery factory, believes that most of the packaging equipment manufacturers in the island are small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the R & D funds are limited, through continuous efforts and innovation, the automatic metering filling and packaging machine has entered the stage of computerization and automatic control

in terms of technical development, Jiang Jindian suggests to develop in the following directions:

structure standardization and modularization, use the modular design of the original model, and convert the new model in a short time

high precision of structural motion. Structural design and structural motion control are related to the performance of packaging machinery. High precision can be achieved by stepping motor, encoder, NC, PLC and other high-precision controllers

intelligent control. The controller is the brain of machinery. In the future, packaging machinery must have the advantages of multi-function and simple operation. PC based intelligent machines will become popular

the packaging machine with diversified mechanical functions, diversification, flexibility and multiple switching functions can meet the needs of the market

the system is modular and integrated. The design of food packaging machinery must consider system integration and must be equipped with different automation systems

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