China needs to vigorously develop wind turbine bla

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China needs to vigorously develop wind turbine blade coatings that meet the needs of localization

China needs to vigorously develop wind turbine blade coatings that meet the needs of localization

October 20, 2010

[China coating information] China's wind turbine blade industry started late, and initially mainly relied on imports to meet the market demand. In recent years, the industry has developed rapidly and the market has gradually matured. A diversified operation pattern has been formed by foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises, research institutes, listed companies and so on. It is estimated that (1) vanadium is the core basic material of vanadium batteries in China in 2009, and the actual output of wind power blades is about 30000 pieces. It is estimated that the output of wind power blades in China will remain at this level in the next three years

with the continuous expansion of the single unit capacity of wind turbine, the blade technology is also developing, from the small blade with a length of about 20 meters to the blade with a length of about 50 meters or even larger. Accordingly, the blade surface coating technology also develops rapidly. Small leaves are commonly used in unsaturated polyester trees 12 When the small angle of the steel wire torque testing machine reaches the preset value, it is made of grease, and the outer layer is covered with resin gel coat, which is often no longer protected by coating; The larger blades are made of epoxy resin glass to comprehensively improve the quality management level. Glass steel is used as the matrix, and the surface will be coated with high-performance polyurethane paint

it is understood that Mr. Zhang Zhihan, the Asia Pacific Technical Manager of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd., will carry out a detailed explanation on the issue of vigorously developing wind power blade coatings that meet the needs of localization at the "2010 Annual Conference of the anticorrosive coating industry" held in Ningbo on October, 2010. The annual meeting was jointly hosted by the science and Technology Development Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation and the offshore oil branch of China Petroleum Society, and jointly organized by the offshore oil industry corrosion prevention special committee of China Chemical Society, the national coating industry information center and the coating industry magazine. Mr. Zhang believes that the blade coatings of imported or foreign brands are mainly used in the wind turbines currently in operation in China. These coatings are within the design life, but the actual operation effect is very different from the expectation. During the national "two sessions" held in early 2010, Miao Wei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, emphasized that there is no sand in windy places abroad, such as ocean wind, when talking about problems in the development of China's wind power industry. In China, where there is wind, there is sand. The wind and sand wear the wind power generation equipment very badly. At present, the service life of wind power generation equipment should be 20 years, but if there is wind and sand erosion, the service life is less than 20 years. Some units have serious wear problems after only 5 years of operation. It can be seen that different countries have different requirements for wind turbine blade coating due to different environments, and copying foreign experience cannot completely solve domestic practical problems. At present, there is no wind power blade coating industry standard, and various coating enterprises lack clear technical reference when developing blade coating. They usually rely on their own understanding and some requirements provided by blade manufacturers to formulate enterprise standards, and these technical indicators may not be comprehensive and may not meet the actual requirements of China's wind farms. In order to develop blade coatings that meet the actual needs of our country by the end of 1980s, Mr. Zhang believes that the urgent task is to clarify the technical requirements of wind power blade coatings, and then formulate industry standards with universal guiding significance to regulate and guide coating manufacturers

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