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Yueyang Paper challenged foreign enterprises and our paper industry was elated.

not long ago, 12 domestic enterprises led by Yueyang forest paper group (now renamed Hunan taigelin Paper Group) won the final trial of the anti-dumping measures against the paper industry in Canada, South Korea and the United States. China will continue to impose anti-dumping duties on paper originating in Canada, South Korea and the United States for a period of five years

it is reported that in addition to Hu Nanyue, BMW's new 7-series sedan advocates weight reduction of the whole car & nbsp; In addition to Yanglin Paper Group, which makes extensive use of carbon fiber materials, 12 enterprises including Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Paper Co., Ltd. have applied for the final investigation of the anti-dumping measures. Industry insiders estimate that at present, these 12 enterprises basically occupy 80% of the domestic paper market. A person from the World Trade Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce said that although the number of imported paper from Canada, South Korea and the United States decreased, the number of paper products exported to China from other countries such as Russia, Japan, Nordic countries and Indonesia began to increase. This victory can only be a beginning for Chinese paper enterprises to challenge foreign companies

it is worth noting that although China continued to impose high anti-dumping duties on imported paper from Canada, South Korea and the United States last year, the volume of paper imports soared to 351300 tons, an increase of 76.36% over the previous year. Due to the cancellation of the sliding tariff of 3% - 45% of imported paper, and the implementation of the fixed tariff of 8.5% promised by the World Trade Organization on the restriction of electronic tension machine enterprises, Russia, Sweden and other countries not included in the anti-dumping list have become the main source countries of imported paper in China. Obviously, the continuation of this anti-dumping can not stop the influx of imported paper except Canada, South Korea and the United States. By 2006, the final binding tax rate of imported paper will be reduced to 5%, and the protective effect of tariff barriers will be further weakened. The competitiveness of the domestic paper industry will be severely tested

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