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China Mobile and Anhui government work together to build a first-class data platform

smart city, digital urban management, e-government. Now these new attempts to transform and develop towards informatization are inseparable from the support of big data and cloud computing

in order to take big data as a basic strategic resource, accelerate the sharing, opening, development and application of data resources, promote the coordinated development of big data and traditional industries, and help with industrial transformation and upgrading, China Mobile and the Anhui provincial Party committee and government have cooperated to build a high-tech, informative, green and environmentally friendly big data industry base, China Mobile (Huainan) data center

as the largest Internet data cloud platform in East China and taking out samples to inspect and record the fracture morphology characteristics of samples, China Mobile (Huainan) data center has begun to take shape as a data distribution center, and has also begun to show its ability to drive the development of big data industry clusters. Now it is building itself into a national leading big data and information industry cloud platform that incubates all kinds of mobile Internet applications and promotes the development of social informatization. The agglomeration effect formed by the platform will play an important basic supporting role for the Informatization Transformation of government, enterprise and social development

create an industry leading project

1 operation and maintenance building, 6 machine room buildings, 20000 racks, 200000 square meters of construction area, and a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. A series of figures outline a high-tech, information-based, green and environmentally friendly China Mobile (Huainan) data center. At present, the first phase of the center project has been completed and officially put into operation in May this year, with 6000 cabinets and 5600g export bandwidth

China Mobile (Huainan) data center is a large regional data center of China Mobile Group and an important part of the strategic layout of China Mobile Group in the national IDC; It is also a useful exploration of China Mobile and Anhui provincial Party committee and government to use big data to support economic transformation and upgrading

therefore, from the beginning of design and construction, this data center has built an industry benchmark based on the positioning of Anhui, serving East China and supporting the whole country. China Mobile (Huainan) data center has a world-class, general host with relatively low requirements. At the same time, it can also ensure the measurement result point, green and energy-saving infrastructure, high-speed and stable network, as well as professional operation and management means. Scientific and rigorous rack and cage design can provide Grade 8 seismic capacity. Humanized machine room zoning provides customers with centralized office, operation, monitoring, rest and other space. The monitoring area can provide 7-24-hour equipment operation monitoring and security monitoring for customer managed equipment. By implementing a professional customer-oriented SLA system, we provide customers with safe and fast device hosting and application hosting services

energy consumption is the key factor that determines the operation cost and service price of the data center. In order to build a green and energy-saving IDC in Huainan, Anhui IDC made efforts to reduce the energy consumption level of equipment other than it at the beginning of design and construction. The computer room adopts the internationally leading water-cooling system, closed cold channel, inter train air conditioning and a series of advanced technologies to help build a new generation of green data center. The annual power saving of China Mobile (Huainan) data center is about 20million kwh, equivalent to the annual power consumption of 20000 urban people, 8000 tons of coal saving and about 20000 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction. The pue value of the computer room is generally lower than 1.5, far lower than the national average of 1.95

as the information and data distribution center of government, finance and large-scale enterprise information facilities and systems, any power failure, system failure and information security accident may cause the loss of key data, and then cause the stagnation of government and enterprise business, and bring immeasurable economic losses to the society. Therefore, security is the most important requirement of customers and the core foundation of IDC. When building Anhui Huainan data center, China Mobile paid special attention to security design. It not only has a perfect operation and management platform, which can monitor the performance of hosts and networks in the computer room in real time, but also has configured sound information security management means, including double-layer heterogeneous firewalls, traffic reminders, intrusion detection, station protection, etc

big data creates a big platform

building China Mobile (Huainan) data center is an important attempt to coordinate the development of big data and traditional industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and cultivate new economic growth points. It is the result of the strategic cooperation between Anhui provincial government and China Mobile. Therefore, since its birth, China Mobile (Huainan) data center has shouldered the important mission of building an industrial development platform for the government, enterprises and Internet companies

in response to the needs of government informatization, big data and Internet +, Huainan data center provides a package of solutions and technical support such as IMS, special lines and all-in-one cards, provides IT infrastructure services based on communication and data centers, helps build a unified e-government data center across the province, and provides information infrastructure service resources for all government departments. Wen Xue, general manager of China Mobile Huainan Branch, said

China Mobile (Huainan) data center received the affirmation and support of Chen Shulong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and executive vice governor, and instructed government agencies to avoid the construction of new computer rooms and realize the co construction, sharing and sharing of resources. It required that the incremental data of the provincial government platform be continuously stored in the Huainan data center, and the stock data be moved into the data center in batches. In order to provide platform support for the interconnection + and 2025 plans of governments at all levels of provinces, cities and counties, China Mobile (Huainan) data center has specially set up an independent government cloud zone

in addition to the construction of government affairs platform, it is also an important task for China Mobile (Huainan) data center to drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and build an Internet industry development platform in East China

when all kinds of traditional enterprises urgently need to use information and communication technology to adjust the industrial structure, the data center provides enterprises with a special computer room area, which is convenient for enterprises to deploy supply chain management system, ERP system, CRM system and other business application systems in Huainan; The center can also provide customized computer room, cabinet rental, disaster recovery backup, capacity expansion and other data center services for financial units

according to the information, big data, IOT, Internet + and other needs of the government and enterprises, the data center provides cloud computing and other information infrastructure, builds a unified e-government data center across the province, and provides basic information service resources for the government and enterprises. By accelerating the construction of big data cloud computing platform, China Mobile (Huainan) data center is building itself into a system to promote the standardization of industry cloud computing and the diversification of big data applications, incubate all kinds of mobile Internet applications and promote social informatization

Wutong tree attracts Golden Phoenix

if the platform role of the data center is to build a nest, then the construction of China Mobile (Huainan) data center has initially shown its ability to drive the development of big data industry clusters. Driven by China Mobile (Huainan) data center, Huainan, as a data distribution center in East China, has begun to take shape

at present, Huainan data is the largest downstream single 1 market center of chemical industry. The first phase of the project has been completed, which can meet the installation demand of 6000 racks, and has attracted well-known video and Internet companies such as Youku

at present, Huainan has obtained the license of provincial Big Data Trading Center, and the license of national cloud computing data center is also being actively applied for. Under the support and guidance of the 5billion yuan industrial development guidance fund, the big data industry development plan, the three-year action plan for big data industry, and the big data industry investment promotion plan, Huainan first center (IDC data bearing center), two bases (new generation information technology industry, e-commerce logistics industry base) The big data industry ecosystem of three platforms (jianghuaiyun entrepreneurship incubation platform, Huainan smart Valley R & D innovation platform, e-commerce industry application platform) and multiple parks (counties, districts, park characteristic industrial parks) has also been preliminarily established. China Mobile (Huainan) data center and Huainan Municipal Government jointly build a big data industry base in East China. Based on Huainan data center, it provides a package of solutions for Huainan by integrating basic communications, networks, data centers, it support services, etc., forming a new pattern of diversified development with point to area, multi-point flowering, and benign interaction, and creating a first-class and national leading data and information industry agglomeration in the province

plant Wutong trees and attract Golden Phoenix. Since China Mobile (Huainan) data center was officially put into operation in May this year, it has attracted nearly 200 customers in just three months, including Internet companies such as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, iqiyi, Internet content distributors such as Su, Dilian, LAN Xun, Kuai, as well as large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions such as Huishang bank, Huaxia Bank, Guoyuan agricultural insurance

in the future, China Mobile (Huainan) data center will incubate 300 Internet enterprises and attract more than 2000 Internet enterprises, speech recognition enterprises, animation enterprises, regional headquarters, car service enterprises, etc

through the business relationships established with Internet companies, businesses that promote the combination of Internet companies and traditional industries are also launched in Huainan data center. For example, through investment negotiation, Tencent's entertainment, financial payment, car service and other businesses are promoted to cooperate with local enterprises in Anhui Province (bank, finance, automobile manufacturing, voice technology, etc.), Make Huainan data center an important gathering point for the interconnection of traditional industries and the integration of interconnected industrial entities

the entry of well-known enterprises such as Internet enterprises and the landing of businesses combining traditional industries and emerging industries will drive the integration of upstream and downstream information industry chains and give play to the agglomeration effect. In the case of traditional economic downturn, the big data industry represented by this will open the aorta of economic development and become a new economic growth point in Huainan. Liuchengjun, deputy director of Huainan Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that it is expected that by 2017, the upstream and downstream industries of big data in the city will reach 8billion yuan; By 2020, big data and related industries will account for more than 10% of the city's total output value

the completion of China Mobile (Huainan) data center is conducive to building the entire industrial chain, driving the optimization of the overall planning and layout of local industries, and providing strong technical support for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Huainan and even Anhui. Ye Sheng, deputy director of the software service department of Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission, said that the construction of Anhui Huainan data center has a directional leading role in industrial development and has important supporting value for Anhui's economic transformation

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