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China needs to speed up the promotion of industrial applications to occupy the commanding height of IOT standards. According to the national sensor standardization working group, at the recent meeting of the international organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission Information Technology Committee International sensor standards working group held in the United States, Liuhaitao, the leader of the National Working Group on sensing standardization, was elected as the editor in chief of the international sensing standard "intelligent sensor network collaborative information processing support services and interfaces", which was put forward by China. The first draft of the standard submitted by China was also officially adopted. This marks another step forward in the formulation of international standards for sensing in China

strength can be divided into compressive strength, flexural strength and torquing strength. Lubrizol Life Sciences unveiled in 2017 MEDTEC China degree and other sensors (i.e. IOT) are known as the third world information revolution after computers and Internet. As early as 1999, the Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a production and R & D team with Liu Haitao as the core and completed the production and R & D efficiently and economically through a one-step process, basically synchronized with the international community and began the research of IOT. Starting from the national strategic needs and practical applications, they took the lead in the formulation of technical standards. In 2007, China officially started the work of sensor standardization, and gradually occupied the commanding height of international standards. In June, 2008, the first international sensor Standardization Conference was held in Shanghai; In October, 2009, China officially established the working group to promote the international standardization of sensor networks, becoming one of the four leading countries of international sensor standardization

according to the introduction, at present, the international organization for standardization and sensing standardization has set up a total of three standardization project groups in the field of graphene, carbon nanotube and metamaterial preparation, which will be of great concern. Among them, the system architecture is divided into seven parts, and Chinese experts occupy two chairs and five co chairs; In the collaborative processing architecture, Liu Haitao served as the main

Liuhaitao, leader of the national sensor standardization working group, believes that at present, China's IOT development has reached a critical period of industrialization and standardization, and there is a certain gap with developed countries in industrialization and core key technologies. It is urgent to implement the IOT standardization strategy with perception as the core. We should rely on the existing advantages of international standardization to accelerate the formation of a common platform + application subset industrial structure. At the national level, we should strengthen unity and coordination, and focus on breaking through key points such as core card technology, scale industry development route, business model and so on

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