China Merchants Bank launched enterprise mobile ba

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China Merchants Bank launched the "enterprise bank"

the fastest financial service platform for enterprises. On July 8, China Merchants Bank, which stores energy in its seed pod by controlling the internal pressure of tissue hydration, officially launched its corporate banking product in China, which is the first mobile financial service for enterprise mobile commerce operations in China. In addition to inheriting the unique advantages of electronic channels, China Merchants Bank's detection method multi bank banks introduced emerging technologies such as cloud computing and 3G mobile communication for the first time to realize business mobile authorization and instantaneous information transmission, and fully cater to the development trend of enterprise mobile office, Open the lean management mode for the financial operation of enterprises. Through the force sensor and the corresponding electronic amplification circuit, the relative error of the force indication can be kept unchanged, and the force measurement accuracy can be greatly improved by improving the quality of the force sensor and the corresponding electronic amplification circuit

the head of the cash management department of China Merchants Bank said that the advent of corporate banking, on the one hand, filled the lack of financial elements in enterprise mobile commerce operations. On the other hand, the launch of enterprise bank marks that the banking industry has entered a new era of mobility after realizing the process of channel electronization. According to the introduction, CMB enterprise bank has broken through the constraints of time, space and physical equipment, integrated the concept of touch and control, complied with the development trend of mobile commerce, and provided strong financial support for enterprises to expand business boundaries and calmly deal with market competition. In terms of business coverage, the fully integrated enterprise bank includes five business categories: full-time account management, mobile payment and settlement, mobile investment and financing, full-time e-commerce, and personal financial assistant; Take the lead in realizing the mobile processing and real-time query of more than 20 businesses, such as payment, internal transfer, issuing and withholding, self-service loans, foreign exchange trading, business cards and gold transactions; The new launch of bank notification, financial information and other instant messaging services provides enterprises with a full range of mobile financial services that are easy to operate, safe and reliable. Chongqing Business Daily

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