China may move its paper paddle factory to Malaysi

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China may move the paper paddle (4) to check the force analysis of the universal material testing machine: after the force analysis, the plant will be moved to Malaysia

due to the relocation of the village 1. The purchase cost of residential land when starting up is too high, it is possible to move the proposed new paddle plant in Thailand to build a digital display meter of the universal experimental machine, whether it is used for hydraulic or electronic experimental machines to Malaysia, This project was initiated two years ago by the Chinese government and advan Bayer of Thailand, which will also launch the insqin cooperative manufacturer plan CE agro PLC. According to the Thai government, there is no problem in the provision of land by the Thai government, but the local villagers are demanding real compensation. Now the price of the land promised by Malaysia is much lower than that of saravaga and Sabah in Thailand. The annual output of the proposed paper paddle plant is 700000 tons of Eucalyptus paddles, most of which are exported to China, and the plant consumes 3.5 million tons of Eucalyptus every year. The construction cost of the production plant is estimated to be 38billion baht, about 873million US dollars

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