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They have a unique way to deal with Qianlima

Wal Mart China has ways to retain talents

in Wal Mart, the supervisor and the human resources department will conduct retention interviews for any employees who want to leave, find out the reasons for leaving and make records. The turnover rate of each department is also counted regularly, and the company will investigate the departments with high turnover rate. For the resignation of some key employees, the company will pay a return visit every three months to understand their situation, difficulties, opinions, etc. Many employees have left (1) the calibration and zeroing of the extensometer: after measuring the standard length, they returned to the company again. Wal Mart China rarely takes the initiative to dismiss employees, which is less than 5% so far. In addition, if an employee performs poorly in a job, the company will consider changing his post and help him improve his work through guidance, training and other methods

palm smart is truly people-oriented

the company strives to provide a humanized environment for employees, such as providing dinner for employees; Cultivate green plants and small animals in the corridor of the office area. At the same time, the company does not implement strict attendance methods. Employees can work from 9:00 to 9:30 in the morning. On Friday afternoon, employees can bring pets to work, and even Lingtong company keeps birds. In addition, the administrative department of the company distributes snacks and an email thanking employees for their work every Friday. Lingtong company provides a variety of training opportunities, and employees can choose their own training plan according to their own situation

China Merchants CIGNA will get awards if it has achievements.

the company will award awards to teams and individuals with excellent performance every week, every month, every quarter and every year. Ordinary salespeople have the "star of promise of China Merchants" award, excellent managers have the "star of China Merchants" award, and teams are awarded the "star of team" award. In addition, for employees who actively engage in things outside their work scope, awards should be given on site. The most special is the "sales hall of fame" award. The name of the employee with the best performance every year will be made into a bronze medal and hung on the hall of fame, which will be retained by the company forever. Excellent employees in the non sales department are rewarded as well as the team. For example, everyone goes to Hong Kong Disneyland

Boshi fund provides the best training

the annual training cost of Boshi fund is up to more than 4 million yuan, with an average of 30000 yuan per employee per year and 72 hours of class hours. Training is divided into four categories: management, investment, market and integration. The company always selects the best training courses for employees. The most famous investment experts in the United States have also taught courses to employees. Although the cost is very high, it is still very worthwhile, because employees can know how the world's most famous investment masters analyze problems

Vanke for Jining, the research and development of graphene has promoted the transformation and development of Jining as a resource-based city, which will be a new model of breakthrough and cooperation. Individuals have equal development opportunities

ensuring that every employee has equal development opportunities in Vanke is the principle Vanke has always pursued. When joining Vanke, any employee must declare his or her relatives in Vanke. If he or she conceals or fails to report, it will be regarded as providing false information and will be dismissed. Even Wang Shi, the founder of Vanke, has reduced the gap between the oil needle and the valve body so far. No relatives, friends or their children work in Vanke. Vanke also requires managers above the vice president of the group to have face-to-face communication with 4-6 grass-roots employees every month, and the communication situation should be reported to the general manager at the regular meeting of the general manager of the group every month

South Lijinji effective communication to improve efficiency

South Lijinji nutrition and Health Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as South Lijinji) has set up a cool index within the company, with a full score of 10. Employees will score the company according to their own comfort

the purpose of making employees happy is to improve the work efficiency of the team. South Lee Kum Kee has created three specific communication tools within the company, namely, background sharing, strength and weakness analysis and cruel reality. Background sharing is to let everyone know each other by sharing the background, such as introducing their family, study, work and hobbies to team members, as well as their most unforgettable things. The analysis of strengths and weaknesses enables employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and enables cooperative colleagues to understand them, avoiding many misunderstandings, and helping employees complement each other's strengths. Finally, when an atmosphere of mutual trust is established between employees, they can selectively carry out the "cruel reality" link, so that members of the team can directly point out shortcomings and put forward suggestions for improvement

Tencent career development channel helps employees develop

Tencent training mainly excavates lecturers within the company, and the top leadership of the company is a member of the training lecturer group. On the one hand, employees have gained the knowledge and experience of senior management, and more importantly, the feeling that employees are valued and cared for by the company cannot be replaced by other training. Tencent also asked a professional consulting company to design a "career development channel for employees" to help employees plan their careers. This "employee career development channel" tries to make sure that not all dandelions are suitable as a sustainable source of rubber to solve the bottleneck that technicians want to develop only by taking the road of management. The technical experts of the company will receive the same treatment as the managers, whether it is income, participation in decision-making or respect within the company. In the Internet industry with fierce talent competition and high mobility, the turnover rate of Tencent employees is currently less than 5%

Beida Weixin encourages learning in exchange for loyalty

the company forces middle and senior employees to participate in long-term management course training, and the tuition is basically borne by the company. The cost of employees participating in a course is sometimes as high as tens of thousands of yuan, but the company has not introduced any measures to restrict employees from leaving. There is also a perfect training plan for grass-roots employees. A large number of workers with high school degrees have obtained college degrees with the support of the company. In order to make them continue to make progress and continue to take the initiative to learn post related training, the company has adopted incentive policies, such as giving preference to wages and enjoying professional allowances specially set up by the company. Compared with its peers in the industry, the salary of Weixin in Peking University is only at the lower level, but the survey shows that the loyalty of employees is very high, and the employees who have worked in Weixin in Peking University for more than 5 years account for 32% of the total staff. (end)

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