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Wang Xianzheng: China needs to speed up the establishment of a coal mine exit mechanism

Wang Xianzheng: we can't easily agree that it is a qualified thermal insulation material. China needs to speed up the establishment of a coal mine exit mechanism

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Wang Xianzheng, President of the China Coal Industry Association, said a few days ago that under the current situation of serious excess coal production capacity, China's coal industry needs to speed up the establishment of a coal mine exit mechanism, Further promote structural adjustment and transformation development

Wang Xianzheng said at the 2016 National Coal Trade Fair held in Inner Mongolia that during the "13th five year plan" period, the planning and development goal of China's coal industry should shift from the pursuit of expanding production capacity and ensuring supply to optimizing stock and controlling increment. The latest data of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) shows that it is mainly to digest excess and eliminate backward. The focus of optimizing stock is to establish a coal mine exit mechanism, promote resource depletion Coal mines that have no guarantee of safety and no hope of turning losses at power lines and pipelines that are seriously affected by rats will be closed and bankrupt, backward production capacity will be eliminated, resource integration will be promoted, and coal mines that have no market due to policy adjustments will be supported to exit

Wang Xianzheng said that controlling coal production is not only the requirement of the party and the government to promote the industry to extricate itself from difficulties, but also the need of the structural adjustment of the coal industry. It is suggested that all major coal producing provinces and regions improve the assessment mechanism, gradually shift from the assessment quantity and speed to the assessment quality and efficiency, and put forward specific policies and measures to establish the coal mine exit mechanism and the exit scale in combination with optimizing the stock

according to Wang Xianzheng, at present, the development mode of China's coal industry relying on projects, stalls, increased investment and expansion of scale has come to an end, and it must change from the extensive mode of quantity and speed to the intensive mode of quality and efficiency

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