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Major events of industrial robot enterprises in the first half of 2018


: business portfolio of international giants

on May 17, ABB Robot Chongqing application center was completed to provide business support for customers in Chongqing and the western region to meet the needs of robots such as automobile manufacturing and 3C product manufacturing

in April, abb Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a strategy with Liuzhou Wuling Co., Ltd. to jointly develop robot solutions

and the yield point is the value of the minimum force to produce yield. In June, abb signed a strategic cooperation with beiren Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in China's machinery manufacturing field

Don't blindly raise the upper temperature limit

in addition, ABB's financial report shows that it will jointly establish a Software Alliance for collaborative robots with Kawasaki heavy industry this year

FANUC: don't guess the thoughts of international giants

on March 28, Guangzhou FANUC robot Co., Ltd. laid the foundation in Guangzhou to further improve its ability to serve the South China market

FANUC also plans to establish an automation joint venture with Hitachi and AI startups to develop manufacturing systems that integrate artificial intelligence and edge computing technology

on July 10, FANUC signed a strategic cooperation with Guangdong Fuhua heavy industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a global leading commercial manufacturer that makes it difficult for domestic engineering plastics to meet the needs of the domestic market

FANUC also joined hands with Kohler group to build a future factory in the sanitary industry

On June 15, the third factory of Yaskawa (China) robot Co., Ltd. was completed in Changzhou, and its production capacity will reach 18000 units/"one year later, greatly improving its production capacity in China

at the same time, Yaskawa electric also aims at the European market, and it is expected that the first robot factory in Europe will be opened in September

KUKA: the factory was established and settled

in March, Midea and KUKA jointly established three joint ventures to expand their businesses in the three fields of, medical treatment and warehousing automation. It is expected that by 2024, Midea's robot production capacity in China will reach 100000 sets/year

In January, KUKA robot settled in Shenzhen, once again increasing investment in southern China

At the beginning of this year, the industrial robot intelligent factory with a total investment of 1billion yuan was officially put into operation. The plant is jointly designed and planned by Bosch Rexroth and Easton

in addition, on July 9, Esther also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd

On June 12, evert signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD group to cooperate on technological innovation and customized production such as intelligent unmanned warehouse AGV and industrial robots, and jointly expand the logistics automation and intelligent manufacturing markets in e-commerce, 3C, FMCG, and other industries

xinshida: join hands with jd.com to do intelligent logistics

in June, jd.com group and xinshida reached a strategic cooperation to accelerate the landing and application of intelligent logistics equipment and service robots, focusing on in-depth cooperation in the manufacturing of intelligent robots, especially the mass production of terminal distribution robots

Xinsong: strategic cooperation to build a new industrial chain

first, in March, Xinsong robot and CIMC container Holdings Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement on "Longteng plan", and the two sides will work together to deepen cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing

in the same month, Xinsong robot signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Vanke Logistics Development Co., Ltd. to carry out in-depth cooperation in intelligent logistics equipment and other fields

then, in April, Xinsong signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen CHUANSHI Prajna Technology Co., Ltd., which will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the medical field, including logistics equipment, robots and so on

in May, Xinsong signed a strategic cooperation with China Lubricant Company

: Lan Fang

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