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American analyst: Hillary Clinton received a large amount of donations from Saudi Arabia. She is a complete hypocrite.

American political analyst John Miranda (left) said that US Democratic presidential candidate HillaryClinton received a large amount of donations from Saudi Arabia.

[global report internship Du Xiaodan] according to Iran English television on January 10, John Miranda, a political analyst in Kentucky, said, HillaryClinton, the Democratic presidential candidate of the United States, received a large amount of donations from Saudi Arabia. Her condemnation of the recent mass execution in Riyadh is hypocritical

it was reported that after the execution of 47 people in Saudi Arabia, including the famous Shiite cleric Sheikh nimir, Hillary Clinton said that the United States should ask Saudi Arabia "serious questions". Hillary Clinton said at the Delhi city hall meeting in New Hampshire on the 10th, "it is clear that this incident makes us have to directly raise serious questions with the Saudi government.". It is reported that Hillary Clinton was answering a question about "how to deal with this situation if elected"

johnmy's extensive roasting leaching process has serious air and water pollution. Randa said in an interview with Iran's English television, "it's difficult to ask Hillary Clinton to comment on anything except '50 steps laugh at 100 steps'.". He pointed out that the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign used a large number of "donations from the Saudi government, Saudi companies and Saudi princes who have contacts with the United States", and added, "Hillary Clinton said 'we need to talk about this with Saudi Arabia', but in fact she didn't care so much."

John Miranda emphasized that "Hillary Clinton is a complete hypocrite who uses montmorillonite most often. This is the only way I can describe her". Take Figure 1 as an example

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