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Huawei brings CAAS to the third global mobile Internet Cooperation summit

ctiforum news on April 10 (Fanyi): Huawei brings CAAS (communication as a service) open platform to the third global mobile Internet Cooperation summit and mobile Internet annual meeting in 2014. This conference is organized by the global mobile Internet Alliance (gmiu), and the theme is to discuss the security and purification, transformation and upgrading of mobile Internet with the participating enterprise partners and different partners. Tongguofan, general manager of Huawei CAAS open platform, delivered a wonderful speech at the meeting with the theme of opening communication capabilities to help the growth of mobile Internet

caas is Huawei's new definition of communication capability, and its main purpose is to turn the opening of communication capability into the provision of services. CAAS open platform encapsulates the communication resources of operators such as voice calls, video calls, multimedia conferences, click and dial-up, call centers, voice notifications, etc. into API (Application Programming Interface) or SDK (software development to transfer heat to cutting tools kit, software development kit) and opens to the outside world through interconnection, Partners can quickly apply for and call these functions according to their own product needs, so that products have high-quality communication capabilities at the lowest cost and the shortest development cycle, enhance product competitiveness, and create new business benefits and market opportunities

with the arrival of the 4G era, mobile Internet has gone deep into the hearts of the people, and there is a huge room for growth, and the industry enterprise application will be the mobile Internet. This city must replace and repair these benches to the next blue ocean market. Operators need to actively change the operation mode, actively open network resources, and complement the advantages of partners. First, jointly create a healthy and win-win ecological environment. In this context, Huawei launched a plug and play, highly reliable CAAS open platform, which opened another door for operators to enter the industry enterprise market. Once launched, this scheme was favored by many operators at home and abroad. In China, the opening of smart pipeline created by China Telecom Fujian company and Huawei was officially released at the end of 2013, which was warmly welcomed by partners from all walks of life. At present, nearly 100 partners have launched several types of innovative businesses with the help of the ability of smart pipeline opening

caas open platform reduces the threshold of communication to a minimum, making it a basic module that can be applied to a variety of mobile Internet products, enriching their own functions and improving user experience. Tongguofan, general manager of Huawei's communication capability opening, mentioned in his keynote speech that zero threshold and zero investment provide an excellent opportunity for mobile Internet enterprises to use communication capabilities. Your application can speak, send text messages, and automatically send voice notifications. All this can be achieved through a small interface. There is no high hardware server, and there is no threshold for the communication industry. As long as you can develop, you can make all kinds of mobile Internet products with communication functions. The open platform of communication capability will become the booster of the mobile Internet industry and promote the prosperity and development of the whole industry and ecosystem

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