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Huawei ocean will attend the ICPC 2015 annual meeting

Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (Huawei ocean), a global provider of submarine cable communication system solutions, and will attend the International Cable Protection Commission (ICPC) 2015 annual meeting held in Hong Kong, China on April

Founded in 1958, ICPC is the most important international organization in the world to protect the planning, holding, operation and maintenance of submarine cables. With the membership of ICPC reaching 145 and covering more than 60 countries and regions, the submarine communication optical cables joining ICPC have accounted for more than 98% of the global total, and more and more submarine cables have also joined it

the theme of this annual meeting is to improve the safety of submarine cable system, promote the development of ecological environment, and closely focus on today's social focus. At that time, many members and special guests will gather to exchange information, views and expertise on submarine cable system technology, regulations and environment. Leaders of the competent departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China were also invited to attend the meeting to jointly discuss the ideas and views of developing international submarine cable communication

Huawei ocean officially joined ICPC at the end of 2012, hoping to make more contributions to the development of submarine cable industry by exporting and analyzing test data and injecting innovative ideas and excellent practices into the industry through ICPC. Huawei ocean will not only attend the Hong Kong annual meeting as a co sponsor, but also make a special speech on how submarine cable protection can protect economic prosperity, growth and key infrastructure. At the same time, it will also show the latest technology used in the trans ocean submarine cable system

about Huawei ocean

Huawei Ocean Network Co., Ltd. (Huawei ocean) is a joint venture established by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and global maritime Systems Co., Ltd. Relying on the advantages of both parent Vickers hardness testers and Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests compared with the company, Huawei ocean combines the most cutting-edge technology in the communication industry with more than 160 years of marine construction experience and won the Anhui provincial government quality award. It is committed to the construction of global submarine cable communication network, and provides submarine cable operators with highly reliable and cost-effective product technology solutions, including project management End to end service integrating engineering implementation and technical support

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