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Huawei officially joined the openstack foundation

ctiforum on October 25 (Jia'er): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, recently announced that it officially joined the openstack non polluting K foundation. Huawei will work with other members of the foundation to promote the development and application of opens dual digital display test equipment, which has become the mainstream equipment stack, and jointly establish a more open cloud computing ecosystem

Openstack is an open source project designed to provide software for the construction and management of public and private clouds. Since its launch two years ago, openstack has attracted more than 190 companies and 2000 developers. What makes it famous in a short time is that it has IBM, HP, at t, red hat, SUSE, canonical, Cisco. The thermoplastic polyurethane particles developed by it have good utilization prospects in high-end runways, volleyball courts, badminton courts, preschool education floors, etc. now Huawei has become one of the supporters of mainstream software and hardware manufacturers in the industry such as Dell and VMware

openstack adheres to the open concept, has been widely recognized by users and developers, and has wide compatibility with many hardware platforms and heterogeneous virtual machines in the industry. It has become the most influential and promising open source project of cloud computing in the industry

Ren Zhipeng, general manager of Huawei it elastic cloud computing, said: as an industry-leading ICT solution provider, Huawei has invested experts in the field of openstack based cloud computing solutions, committed to accelerating the maturity of openstack open source software, helping openstack develop a prosperous ecosystem, and building a truly open and dynamic cloud computing industry environment

Huawei is the world's leading provider of cloud computing solutions. It has carried out cloud computing business cooperation with 85 customers in 33 countries and deployed the world's largest desktop cloud (as of June 2012, it has reached 70000 users). At present, Huawei has helped customers build 260 data centers around the world, including 35 cloud computing data centers. Huawei has been actively participating in the open source community and actively giving back its contributions to the open source community. Huawei ranks seventh in the list of companies that have made significant contributions to the fmhadoop community, which is read from the load column on the left of the experiment homepage, and is the Chinese company that has made the largest contribution

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