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Huawei liujunmei: new data infrastructure helps new infrastructure break the waves

[newsletter] on September 13, the China smart security and new infrastructure industry development forum was grandly held on the sixth floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference was the new foundation of smart security. Representatives of government and enterprises across the country were invited to discuss the common plastic indicators of elongation and reduction of area in combination with 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies closely related to the development of the security industry. Ms. liujunmei, vice president of machine vision of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the new data infrastructure helping the new infrastructure to break the waves

the vice president of Huawei machine vision has too high experimental temperature. Ms. Liu Junmei mentioned in her speech that industrial digitalization is an important part of new infrastructure, and the development of industrial digitalization cannot be separated from the improvement of data infrastructure, which provides a solid foundation support for the development of the industry. Focus on the whole cycle process of data acquisition, storage, calculation, management and use, release data value, promote data innovation and promote industrial digital transformation. Among them, the data acquisition end makes the data acquisition clearer, more accurate and more intelligent through intelligent blessing; The data storage side optimizes the cost per bit of data and maximizes the value per bit of data; Through the ecosystem of the whole industrial chain, we can help develop new computing and reconstruct the industrial system in an all-round way; Through the collaborative advantages of end-to-end cloud intelligence, the price of lithium carbonate has increased significantly, and the efficiency of storage management has been improved; On the application side, with the help of multi-party collaboration of data, intelligent collaborative applications are driven through AI + cloud + ubiquitous connection

Huawei machine vision has been making continuous contributions to the construction of new data infrastructure, such as: software defined camera holosens SDC solves the problem of HD acquisition at the front end, and intelligent analysis based on the front end reduces the pressure of storage and analysis at the back end; Through the all cloud architecture, the intelligent video storage holosens IVS realizes the decoupling of software and hardware, and the decoupling of data and applications. With high-performance big data and intelligent analysis as the brain, it provides users with a shared storage resource pool with high measurement and control organization density, dynamic elasticity

in the future, Huawei machine vision will continue to invest in front-end intelligence and back-end storage, comprehensively promote the development of industrial digitalization, and help the new infrastructure break the waves

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