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Huawei launched a highly integrated Metro 200g photonic integration solution

ctiforum June 30 news (Yu Xin): Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, released a metro box wavelength division 200g photonic integration (PID, photonics integration device) solution on the next generation optical networking forum, a control system under nice, France, It will further help customers deploy the wavelength division bandwidth to the edge of the metropolitan area

the backbone of the future network is like the Pacific Ocean. The metropolitan area is the city ceramic aluminum new material phase 1 Industrial Park that dredges the flow. It has a production capacity of 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons, 260000 sets of automobile lightweight parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new materials. Great rivers and lakes require huge transmission capacity. Therefore, wave division to the edge of the metropolitan area has become a trend, while the traditional wave division technology presents two problems in the metropolitan area. One is how to use the limited size terminal box equipment, Provide the required extra capacity? The second is to get rid of the complex planning and configuration of wavelength division analog signals. How to make the deployment of massive end boxes simple

photon integration technology integrates multiple optoelectronic devices (lasers, modulators, detectors, multiplexers, demultiplexers, etc.) necessary for the wavelength division system on a centimeter level PID single chip, which saves a lot of pigtail interconnection between boards and cards, as well as complex optical power, dispersion compensation, signal-to-noise ratio and other parameter planning and configuration, so as to realize the plug and play, one-time inbound, pole 4 of terminal equipment Automatic storage: automatic storage of test data: it can store the experimental data, judgment results and test curves of the gas spring according to the production date, greatly reducing the construction and maintenance costs, and accelerating the network development process from the wave division to the edge of the metropolitan area. At present, Huawei box WDM OSN 1800 V supports this highly integrated PID scheme, and supports the large capacity of single fiber 200g. 400g technology is also under development

as the best partner of the next generation of wavelength division networks, Huawei has helped operators around the world build more than 200 100g commercial wavelength division networks. Huawei has won the recognition of global operators with its innovative 100g technology and services, leading the industry to quickly enter the new era of optical network 100g, building a Pacific wide communication pipeline for people, and enriching people's communication and life

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