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Huawei, together with UNESCO IITE and ichei, held a higher education forum

[Shenzhen, China, April 11, 2020] today, the learn on program special event launched by Huawei was closed without suspension - the higher education forum was held in the form of video conferences and live broadcasts. This forum was jointly held by Huawei, UNESCO Institute of educational information technology (UNESCO I sling ITE), UNESCO ichei and other partners. Leaders of universities and enterprises at home and abroad were invited to share with experts the practical experience and problems encountered in carrying out systematic automatic analysis of experimental data and curve education during the epidemic, and jointly explore practical solutions, While ensuring the continuity of teaching, we should improve the quality of education, effectively promote the suspension of classes without suspension, and ensure that teaching does not fall off the line

on April 11, Huawei launched the learn on program special event

suspension of classes without suspension - Online convening of the University Education Forum

the suspension of classes in some schools around the world caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic has affected more than 1.5 billion students around the world. Therefore, UNESCO convened international organizations, civil society and business partners to form a global education coalition to ensure the suspension of classes without suspension. As an important member of the alliance, Huawei has long adhered to the corporate social value concept of digital inclusion, and equal quality education is one of the important components of Huawei's digital inclusion Initiative (tech4all). Facing the call of UNESCO, Huawei responded positively and launched the learn on action plan. It is committed to providing equal and high-quality education opportunities for people in different regions and groups during the epidemic period through innovative ICT technology and global partners

in response to the new demand for anti epidemic teaching in Huawei ICT college around the world, Wu lintuo, director of college cooperation of Huawei talent ecological development department, introduced the content of Huawei learn on action plan, and promised:

provide $5million college cooperation incentive fund for cooperative colleges to carry out courses, training, experiments and other activities

open more than 130 courses and MOOC resources free of charge, covering cutting-edge technology fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, 5g, IOT, etc

from April to December, more than 100 teacher training sessions were carried out, and a total of more than 1500 teachers are expected to be trained

cultivate 50000 students through self-study, courses, classes and other methods

At the seminar, Zhan Tao, director of the UNESCO Institute of educational information technology, said that he was pleased to launch joint actions with Huawei in a series of activities such as the University Education Forum. IITE, as a subsidiary of UNESCO, is fighting covid-19: keep learning together we are on the move! Under the initiative, we will work closely with global partners to share experience and resources and fight the epidemic together. Let's continue to work together with enthusiasm, innovation and collective strength to provide support to millions of students, teachers and parents who need help. 1. The validity of the fatigue testing machine to verify its indication error once under normal conditions of use is 1 year

Feng baoshuai, head of the talent ecosystem development department of Huawei enterprise BG, said: Huawei will provide high-quality teaching resources, build an open platform, provide fund support, and carry out a number of activities, covering different scenes such as teaching, examination, training, exchange, resource development, and fully support the promotion and use of learning in Huawei ICT college around the world, so that students can attend classes as usual without leaving home, and do not stop learning, and do not let students fall behind

in the sharing segment, Director Ann Therese ndong jatta of the Nairobi Office of UNESCO, deputy head of the expert advisory group of the Ministry of education on international teaching platform and curriculum construction, vice president of Harbin Institute of technology xuxiaofei, Professor Liu Shubo, deputy dean of the school of computer science of Wuhan University, Professor Samuel kinuthia of zetech University in Kenya, Professor Weng Kai of the school of computer science of Zhejiang University Professor Zhao Jianhua from UNESCO higher education innovation center and other experts and university representatives from home and abroad introduced the teaching measures taken in the special period from different roles and perspectives on the topics of how to formulate educational policies, how to organize teachers and students to carry out teaching, how to carry out psychological education between teachers and students during the epidemic, and how to use Huawei cloud welink to successfully carry out online teaching, And shared the difficulties and challenges encountered in practice and coping strategies

what is the impact of unqualified coaxiality of UNESCO educational information testing machine? Svetlana knyazeva, an expert at the Institute of information technology, proposed that colleges and universities, enterprises and educational organizations should help more schools carry out teaching by opening educational resources, sharing learning resources, making and sharing lessons

in a special period, the stagnation of teaching may further aggravate the imbalance of educational development between regions and countries and expand the digital divide. Distance education is an important and effective means to solve this problem, and smooth communication platforms, appropriate teaching resources, convenient learning tools, timely and effective support services are the key to ensure large-scale education. In the future, Huawei is willing to continue to exchange and share educational experience in the field of education with major universities and educational organizations, increase investment, strengthen the construction of digital resources, promote the development of educational informatization, and ensure that more people enjoy equal and high-quality education

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