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Huawei OTN helps Hangzhou yinlian build safe and efficient transmission

Hangzhou yinlian Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional neutral IDC service provider. Relying on the unique network resource advantages of major operators, it has successfully operated more than 10 Telecom grade data center rooms through strategic and business cooperation with many operators in the station. These infrastructures are composed of high-quality data centers and huge data transmission networks

so as to minimize the impact on the environment

in recent years, with the blowout development of IDC business, Hangzhou, as the birthplace of bank interconnection and the main IDC machine room gathering place, it is imperative to build a backbone transmission covering all data centers in Hangzhou

what are the business needs? How should the transmission network be built

large network bandwidth, compatible with small particle business

IDC machine room interconnection. The core machine room bandwidth is expected to be several 100ge, while the pop point and other machine room bandwidth are several 10GE. Self built transmission should not only meet the needs of large bandwidth interconnection of the core machine room, but also take into account the carrying needs of small particle business in the pop machine room along the way

robust transmission to ensure high business reliability

idc machine room rental, network safety and reliability are very important. Any short-term business interruption will seriously affect the owner's satisfaction with IDC equipment custody and the reliability of tenant business operation

high quality service, efficient operation and maintenance

silver mutual can protect the sensor from damage. The joint operation and maintenance personnel have long been engaged in data network and it construction, and have rich experience. For the first self built transmission, it is very important that the network is easy to manage and maintain; At the same time, it is also very important for customers to provide efficient and high-quality services and be responsible for the delivery and later maintenance of the network

based on the present and looking to the future

since 2012, Bank Internet has gradually carried out national market expansion, successively set up service centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Jiangsu, formed a North-South business network, and rapidly increased the growth rate of business outside the province. With the expansion and development of regional and even national businesses in the later stage, it is imperative to build backbone transmission to radiate to the whole country, so backbone transmission is required to be progressiveness

based on the above requirements, Huawei has provided the world's leading 100g OTN solution, creating an optical network platform with large capacity, high reliability and easy operation and maintenance for Hangzhou bank interconnection

40 wave 10g/100g hybrid transmission

Huawei has provided the industry's advanced Optix OSN 8800 intelligent optical transmission platform for bank interconnection as the basic equipment for self built OTN backbone, and built a 40 wave 10g/100g hybrid OTN network. If the wave path is regarded as the lane on the highway, it is equivalent to building a highway with 40 lanes in different machine rooms, and on this highway, large trucks can drive and bicycles can drive, In the later stage, it can be smoothly upgraded to 80 lanes, and there is no need to worry about highway traffic jams anymore

the common board of the equipment is redundant, and the network level protection is nested in two layers

in the metro construction, the line fault accounts for the majority of the whole transmission fault. In order to ensure the robustness of the bank interconnection customer network and reduce the investment cost, the OTN network adopts the in-board 1+1 protection and the line side OLP protection inlay, which can resist the risk of business interruption caused by secondary fiber breakage in the network; At the same time, on the equipment side, redundancy protection is provided for OTN equipment public boards, such as master control, crossover, power supply, etc. It effectively ensures that customers can provide 7*24 uninterrupted services for owners and provide a solid guarantee

imanager U2000 intelligent optical management system

Huawei unified network management system imanager U2000 can provide users with visual topology, business, alarm, performance, stock and other multi-level and multi-directional management, and support SOM (Intelligent Optical management system) function, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of network start-up and operation and maintenance. At the same time, the enterprise dedicated spare parts warehouses in major cities across the country provide customers with fast and corresponding spare parts pre replacement services, and fast corresponding customer network fault handling and business recovery

Huawei has accumulated in the transmission field for more than 20 years. 100g long-distance backbone has been commercially available for more than 5 years. Single wave 400g technology and 1t technology have also opened some experimental bureaus. In the future, OTN network will inevitably develop in the direction of comprehensive cloud, large capacity and long-distance

Huawei has rich experience in the construction of long-distance backbone transmission in the ICT industry. It assists bank interconnection in the construction of backbone transmission, and gradually expands from Hangzhou to East China and even the whole country. This network will provide strong support for the development of the national IDC market of bank interconnection in the future

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