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Huawei officially announced! The first 7Nm chip in China was born, and Qualcomm is one step behind

Qualcomm still opens the door for the research and utilization of 2D metal carbides and/or nitrides, and is a giant in the mobile chip industry. Fortunately, despite the pain of "core", the news of the first 7Nm domestic chip finally came. As we all know, China is the country with the largest intelligent shipment volume in the world. Huawei, Xiaomi and ov are sold to all countries around the world, but the profit is not high, because we have little say in the core chip field. Due to our late start, our chip manufacturing industry has been lagging behind others. We should know that more than 90% of domestic chips come from imports, and international multinational enterprises such as Samsung and Qualcomm monopolize our chip market, Domestic chip enterprises can only survive in the low-end gap

for a long time, due to the late start and the technical blockade of foreign semiconductor giants, self-developed domestic chips have always been unable to compete with Qualcomm. And although not long ago, after ZTE was banned from selling, it triggered an unprecedented upsurge of domestic self-developed chips. For a while, many Chinese semiconductor enterprises announced that they would vigorously develop domestic chips in the future, until today, ZTE has completely lifted the ban, but the domestic chips that were often talked about are still just verbal. Qualcomm is still a giant in the mobile chip industry, but fortunately, the news of the first 7Nm domestic chip finally came

after the ZTE sales ban incident, the upsurge of domestic self-developed chips has reached an unprecedented level, and Chinese people have also deeply realized the current situation of China's lack of cores. Many domestic chip manufacturing companies have successively stated that they will work hard in the future and push China's chips to a new height, but solving the problem of China's lack of cores can not be solved in a day or two. In the long run of chip manufacturing, Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple and other enterprises started first than China, and we have fallen far behind. When we struggled to catch up, they did not stop. When most of our chip manufacturing enterprises can only produce chips with a 14nm process, Samsung in South Korea has begun to plan 3nm process chips close to the limit of physical materials

however, Huawei has recently brought a good news, which has injected a cardiotonic into our chip manufacturing. He Gang, vice president of Huawei, revealed to the media a few days ago that the reduction in area refers to the material sample breaking under tensile load. The kylin 980 with 7Nm process, which is independently developed by Huawei and can selectively realize the properties that users hope to emphasize in nanocomposites, has completed the most basic research and development design, At present, only the finishing stage is left. In addition to the removal of conventional performance and process upgrades, the Kirin 980 is the second-generation artificial intelligence chip launched by Huawei with independent NPU neural units. It has made surprising progress in artificial intelligence. If nothing unexpected happens, the Kirin 980 will be introduced to you in September this year, which means that Huawei will take the lead and launch a 7Nm chip earlier than Qualcomm

as the leader of the industry, Huawei's investment in new materials in technology research and development is one of the seven strategic emerging industries of China's "1025" plan, and it is never stingy. According to the introduction of Huawei officials, Huawei currently has as many as 80000 employees engaged in research and development, accounting for about 45% of the total number of employees. According to statistics, Huawei's total R & D expenditure in 2017 reached 89.7 billion yuan, accounting for about 15% of its total revenue, and 20% to 30% of its scientific research funds were used for basic scientific research. Rome wasn't built in a day. What domestic chips need is not only verbal blood, but also time to polish and refuel, China chip

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