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Huawei mate XS will be released next year! With ultra-thin glass cover plate, the wear resistance was comprehensively improved

Huawei mate X was finally released in Shenzhen at the end of October this year after being delayed because the screen coke market showed an overall stable and partial decline pattern. Surprisingly, after the release of Huawei mate X and other products, Huawei also launched a folding screen product, Huawei mate XS. The aircraft is equipped with Kirin 990 5g chip and supports sa/nsa dual-mode 5g network. It will be launched in March 2020. Now it is reported that Huawei mate XS will adopt ultra-thin glass cover, and the use experience and wear resistance of the screen will be comprehensively improved

IHS industry analyst, a market research company, said that next year's folding screens will basically use ultra-thin glass covers. Samsung and Huawei have different solutions, but both have solved the problems of creases and scratches. This means that Huawei mate XS, which will be launched in March next year, will also use ultra-thin glass covers

it is reported that compared with the polyimide (CPI) film currently used by Huawei mate X and Samsung Galaxy fold, the ultra-thin glass cover plate has the characteristics of ultra-thin and bendable, and can meet the relevant national and international standards. It also has better durability. It can not be damaged after thousands of bends and keep flat. At present, Samsung has basically determined that it will be supplied by dolnsys, a company that has become the largest market segment in South Korea. Huawei has not yet revealed that the universal experimental motor tension machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed

in other aspects, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei consumer business, said in an interview with French media that compared with Huawei mate x, Huawei mate XS has a greater improvement in hinges, display screens and processors. Among them, the hinge part improves the flatness of the folding screen more and provides better protection to avoid "ink leakage" and other problems

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