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Huawei mate sold more than one million ces in August to seize the overseas market

Huawei disclosed at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Huawei's new flagship, officially launched on December 9, 2015, has continued to improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry. The sales of mate in the first month of August exceeded 1million, equivalent to 22 mate 8 shipped from Huawei every minute of every day in December 2015

Huawei ces2016 press conference site

from the strong performance of Huawei mate 8 in the first month of listing, with Huawei's rich and successful overseas operation experience, coupled with the hot sales of mate 7 and P8 in overseas markets in 2015, especially in brand focused markets such as Western European developed countries, mate 8 will also be destined to receive high attention in these key markets and continue to stimulate overseas consumers' awareness of Huawei brand

as the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, Huawei unveiled many innovative products. Vanadium also plays an important role in the chemical industry this year CES, including Huawei mate 8, Huawei Watch Jewel and elegant, n-Force high accuracy exus 6p, Huawei review M2 10.0, etc. its innovative technology ability, strong ecological integration ability, and brand cross-border cooperation ability have attracted great attention at home and abroad, Huawei has also become the most representative Chinese brand image on CES 2016

he, President of Huawei product line

among them, the overseas version of Huawei mate 8 has attracted the attention of overseas media. The overseas version of Huawei mate 8 is the same as the configuration of the national bank version. It is equipped with a 6-inch 1080p resolution screen, a 64 bit, 16nm finfet+ process Kirin 950 processor, an 8-megapixel front camera, a 16 megapixel rear camera, optical anti shake, PDAF phase focusing, and a 4000mAh (typ.) High density and large capacity battery

in terms of color, the overseas version of Huawei mate 8 is also consistent with the domestic version. It has four colors: Moonlight silver, champagne gold, Mocha Brown and space gray, which are divided into high-end version and standard version. The high configuration version is equipped with 4GB ram and 64GB ROM, and the price is 699 euros (about 4897 yuan); The standard version is equipped with 3gb ram and 32GB ROM, and the price is 599 euros (about 4196 yuan). Compared with the domestic starting price of only 2999 yuan, Huawei's pricing strategy not only reflects Huawei's full confidence in facing the overseas market, but also shows Huawei's sincerity to the Chinese market and consumers

as for the overseas listing countries and time of Huawei mate8, at present, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries and regions in Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and other countries and regions in the Middle East will be officially sold in early January, and Latin America, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific will also be officially sold in mid January

what is the unique charm of the popular Huawei mate 8? It can be seen from some details that the Huawei mate 8 adopts an integrated all metal fuselage, using a whole piece of aviation aluminum and CNC molding. The front is covered with 2.5D diamond cut glass, and the ultra narrow frame is only 1.7mm wide. The back adopts a three-stage body design, and the material is treated with flexible sandblasting and side wire drawing. The fingerprint identification device turns into a circular design and is still integrated in the rear

in terms of shooting, it is more difficult to determine whether it is suitable for its own sample experiment. Huawei mate 8 is equipped with a 16million pixel rear camera, a self-developed ISP chip, 1.5 super optical anti shake, PDAF fast focusing technology, the fourth generation of intelligent image engine and other brand-new software and hardware architectures. The photographic effect is very outstanding. Under different scenes, Huawei mate 8 can start faster, focus faster, image faster and have better anti shake effect, Let users take good photos anytime, anywhere

the kylin 950 processor used in Huawei mate 8 has 40% higher performance and 60% lower power consumption than the kylin 925 used in mate7. Even for business users who have high requirements for chip processing, Kirin 950 can fully meet the needs of efficient applications in various scenarios such as video conferencing, mobile office and so on

in addition to its strong performance, Huawei mate 8 has a new breakthrough in endurance. With the support of 4000mAh high-capacity battery and the new smart phone system 4.0, Huawei mate 8 can be used by ordinary users for more than 2 days, and by heavy users for more than 1.5 days, which is about 30% longer than that of mate7. At the same time, Huawei mate 8 fast charging technology can be used for 1 day after charging for half an hour at 0 power, and 100% after charging for 2.5 hours, so that users can enjoy an unprecedented strong endurance experience

it is understood that the sales revenue of Huawei's consumer business in 2015 exceeded US $20billion, an increase of nearly 70% year-on-year, making Huawei the world's first enterprise in terms of brand recognition growth in the past year. With the full distribution of Huawei mate 8 in the overseas market, it will further expand the international influence of Huawei brand and improve the competitiveness of high-end flagship products. The sales volume of one million Huawei mate 8 in the first month will also be constantly refreshed

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