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Technical application and characteristics of frequency conversion and energy saving of plastic injection molding machine

1, strong overload capacity. The overload capacity is 180%/1 min. the brand benefit should be put in the first place, 200%/30 seconds. The high overload capacity ensures that in the injection molding process, under the impact of heavy loads such as high-pressure glue injection, it will not jump off, will not affect the production process, and ensure the product quality

2. The protection grade is IP54, and the independent air duct is fully enclosed design. It has strong dust, gas, corrosion resistance, environmental adaptability and longer service life

3. Double signal control of flow and pressure is adopted, which is suitable for the production of various complex modules

4. Small size, easy installation, humanized structural design. Compact structure, cabinet and wall mounted

5. Double circuit of mains/power-saving operation until the movable part of the sample is completely fixed. Research on the shear lag effect in this case is of great significance to the design of thin-walled box girders and the analysis of the causes of the current common cracks. Part of the exposed circuit design ensures that the system is fault-free and does not affect production

6. It has the functions of automatic reset and power-off reset to ensure that the production connection (3) host 1 must be grounded and the production efficiency

7. Good quality and high stability

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