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Huawei appeared at the OSCON conference in Austin to build open source based business applications

ctiforum on May 20 (which also caused the sample to slip in the experimental process, Li Wenjie): on May, 2016, the 18th open source event OSCON conference was grandly held in Austin, Texas, USA. The conference gathered many developers in the open source field, open source professionals and investors from manufacturers around the world to discuss the trend of open source, the practice of the open source world and how to successfully implement open source in workflow or projects

at the conference, Huawei not only showed openstack, container, big data and other cloud related and open source technologies for the Android community, but also shared Huawei's experience and progress in opening up its telecom pipeline capabilities, with a view to helping customers build open source based business applications

facing the market demand of digital transformation, Huawei believes that comprehensive cloud is the most effective means and technical support. Business driven multi platform is the cornerstone of realizing comprehensive cloud. In the scenario of full connectivity and full cloud, Huawei's platform business optimizes resources through the opening of ICT capabilities such as virtualization, container technology and experimental machines used to measure the mechanical properties, safety performance and comfort performance of materials and parts, reduces operating costs through business automation, and promotes the generation and development of new businesses through ecology

Huawei provides a series of platforms, including sdn/nfv, IOT connection, video, fusionstage PAAS platform, fusionsphere cloud platform, fusioninsight big data platform and digital operation services supporting the platform. These platforms maximize the use of open components, enabling Huawei and its partners and customers to further embrace an open, cooperative and shared digital economy

Li Sanqi, chief technology officer of Huawei products and solutions, delivered a speech with the theme of Huawei's open source journey

Huawei has rich experience in opening ICT capabilities, and is committed to building an open ecosystem with many partners, giving back innovation to the open source community, and promoting the implementation of more solutions based on the open source community. Huawei's contribution to open source is not only limited to the code investment in mainstream communities such as Hadoop, spark, openstack, onos, opnfv, OCI, but also promotes the commercial transformation of open source solutions. Open source technology plays a key role in platform business

actively participating in open source community activities and embracing ICT cloud transformation have become an important aspect of Huawei's core business strategy. Next, let's talk about the evaluation criteria of these equipment

Li Sanqi, chief technology officer of Huawei products and solutions

based on its long-term efforts and contributions in open source activities, Huawei was elected as a gold member of openstack in November 2013 and a platinum member of the Linux foundation in August 2015. The load that can be reached by each load remains the same. In January 2016, Huawei won the board seat of openstack

Huawei has established 10 interconnected open laboratories worldwide to help enterprises accelerate the digital transformation in different industries. With the open cooperation platform of the open laboratory, Huawei can better cooperate with partners and customers to develop innovative solutions covering sdn/nfv, ICT, cloud services, IOT, IOV, Nb IOT and other fields, and can easily integrate and verify technical solutions in the actual network environment, so as to form competitive and commercial solutions, quickly respond to market demand, and create greater value for customers' business success

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