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How about Huawei matebook x Pro 2019 13.9-inch screen? Start using evaluation

this Huawei matebook x Pro 2019 ultra-thin 13.9-inch notebook, read the recommendations of the major digital gods, and planted this notebook behind. It has been used for a period of time. Share the real use evaluation of Huawei matebook x Pro 2019, which may help friends behind to choose reference

the real use evaluation of Huawei matebook x Pro 2019:

this Huawei matebook x Pro 2019 starts with a 13.9-inch East. At first sight, it feels good. After using it for a period of time, coupled with the lack of scientific and systematic publicity of aluminum alloy cable in the market, I don't know how to choose it. I feel that this notebook is slim and lightweight, The screen resolution is high, the sound is good, and the camera is really clever. Speed on, open files are basically seconds on, touch screen, mouse, keyboard are very sensitive, fine workmanship, light weight, long life, that is, sometimes need to clean up power consumption rogue software. Fingerprints are very easy to use. The performance of the graphics card has not been tried yet. The hard disk is fast. The brightness of the screen and the external sound can be adjusted very high. I'm generally satisfied with it now Turn to "more details about the advantages and disadvantages of user evaluation" for the reference of friends who need it later


this notebook is equipped with deep space gray i5+8g+512g ssd+mx250. The price in tmall is ¥ 8999.00, and it is ¥ 8999.00 in Huawei's self operated store. Friends in need may go to tmall and to compare and see which activity is more powerful's latest activity quotation, friends' comments>

configuration parameters:

details of advantages and disadvantages of other users' comments:

1. Computer performance: the software runs smoothly, and it's very good. Graphics card effect: don't play games, but it feels very good. The resolution and screen color display are very good. Appearance material: very satisfied with the appearance, very thin, and pink, which is very suitable for girls. Three finger screenshot, full touch screen. The fingerprint unlocking function is very good. I don't think the heat dissipation effect is so good. I feel good about everything else at present. Very good, I like the perfect combination of product performance and process performance

2、1. Fingerprint recognition is very fast, so you don't have to press the password. 2. The comprehensive screen has a sense of technology 3 One touch transmission needs to be practiced. It is estimated that office work will be of great use after getting used to it. 4. The appearance is very metallic, and the feeling is very advanced. 5. The camera privacy is well protected and can be turned off if it is not necessary

3. When the computer arrived yesterday, I went to the business point to get it. After opening it, it was very amazing. It turned on intelligently, lowered things quickly, watched the video very clearly, the screen fineness was really good, the charging was also very fast, the battery felt that it could be used for a long time, and the customer service was also very good. All questions were answered and praised! Follow up and review

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