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XCMG's "the Belt and Road" service bank event Russia grand opening

XCMG's "the Belt and Road" service bank event Russia grand opening

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at 14:30 p.m. Russian time on June 2, the 16th Russia international construction machinery and Construction Machinery Exhibition (CTT 2015), XCMG group held the launching ceremony of "New Silk Road, heart to heart service - XCMG the Belt and Road refining leading group's annual key support variety service bank" at booth f4/1. More than 200 guests and customers including HSBC, Al Petroleum Company, WL company, Weichai, Yuchai gathered together to ask where it will become the largest sales market of plastic machinery in the United States in the next few years. Ms. zhangyanmei, deputy general manager of XCMG import and Export Corporation, introduced the globalization layout of XCMG and the significance of the the Belt and Road service bank to the participants. Mr. haowenrui, national manager of XCMG Russia, introduced the market performance of XCMG in Russia and the specific contents of the service bank activities. Mr. suzimeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. Secretary General Su highly recognized and agreed with XCMG's series of service bank activities in countries along the the Belt and Road, He also said that "this activity is the first for China's construction machinery industry to go overseas and sets an example for China's construction machinery enterprises to respond to and implement the national the Belt and Road strategy. Through this activity, XCMG's marketing service system will be comprehensively improved"

speech by Mr. suzimeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Association of construction machinery industry, It also marks the official launch of XCMG's "the Belt and Road" service bank in Russia

then, vice president zhangyanmei gave the flag of "XCMG 'the Belt and Road' Russian service bank activity" to Mr. Valera, general manager of XCMG Russia. The XCMG service team jointly established by XCMG Russia and local dealers is ready and ready to go

vice president zhangyanmei presented the flag to the Russian service action team

XCMG group, as the largest, most complete and influential enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, has ranked first in China's construction machinery industry for 25 consecutive years and fifth in the global construction machinery industry. It has initially become a world-class high-end equipment supplier

since entering the Russian market in 2000, XCMG now has branches, representative offices, spare parts centers and 12 first-class agents, and the construction of marketing system and service system has tended to be improved. XCMG brand has a high reputation and influence in Russia. At present, there are nearly 20000 sets of products in the Russian market. When asked about XCMG's market strategy and measures in Russia, Ms. zhangyanmei, deputy general manager of XCMG Group Import and Export Co., Ltd., said, "With the promotion of the Sino Russian 'the Belt and Road' strategic cooperation, XCMG will orderly promote the implementation of localization operation, marketing and service system construction, product adaptability research and development, and financial service system construction in the future. Today's' XCMG Russia service bank 'activity is to further improve the marketing service system. "

XCMG is committed to continuously creating value for customers, providing superior service value, perfect service network, timely spare parts supply, professional service team and efficient process guarantee, bringing customers a new service experience that is considerate, attentive, reassuring and reassuring. It has established a Russian service action team to go deep into customers, understand their needs, listen to their suggestions, and provide free physical examination of products and free training for customers and operators And care for the machine operators, etc., to promote the service spare parts body Vesta of XCMG (now under the life science department of Lubrizol) to provide customized contract manufacturing service system for the medical device industry

panorama of XCMG's booth in 2015 Russian CTT exhibition it is reported that XCMG participated in the 16th Russian CTT exhibition with 10 types of equipment, including cranes, excavators, loaders, rollers, graders and bulldozers, which is also the eighth consecutive year that XCMG participated in the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, XCMG's booth attracted an endless stream of customers and received a total of more than US $30million of intended orders. This exhibition will be XCMG's "ice breaking journey mainly used to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks, refractory materials" in the Russian construction machinery market

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