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Great market potential packaging and printing enterprise "treasure" liquor packaging

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core tip: Recently, Baijiu listed companies have disclosed their annual reports. According to the annual report data disclosed by some high-end Baijiu listed companies, the sales volume of high-end Baijiu continues to grow and the profits are rich

[China Packaging News] recently, Baijiu listed companies have disclosed their annual reports. According to the annual report data disclosed by some high-end Baijiu listed companies, the sales volume of high-end Baijiu continues to grow and the profits are rich

the scale of Baijiu market is huge

Guizhou Moutai's operating revenue exceeded 18.402 billion yuan in 2011, with a year-on-year increase of 58.19%, and the operating profit was 12.34 billion yuan, with a significant increase of 72.27%. According to media reports, the domestic revenue of 18.402 billion yuan reached 17.761 billion yuan, an increase of 58.25% year-on-year. This also means that in 2011, Chinese people spent nearly 17.8 billion yuan on Maotai alone. Therefore, some people compare Guizhou Moutai to the No. 1 rich and handsome in the A-share market

Wuliangye, the national liquor, achieved a revenue of 20.351 billion yuan in 2011, with a year-on-year increase of 30.95%. In addition, other liquor also had a high revenue in 2011, such as gujinggong liquor, Jiugui Liquor, Shanxi Fenjiu, Yanghe shares, etc. Data show that the overall gross profit margin of the white wine industry reached 65.49%, ranking first in all industries

in addition, the 86th national sugar and Wine Fair also sent a message that Yibin should build a 100 billion yuan industry of Baijiu. By the end of 2015, Baijiu Enterprises above Designated Size in Yibin had achieved sales revenue of more than 130billion yuan, profits and taxes of more than 38billion yuan and profits of more than 24billion yuan

according to the survey of relevant institutions, by 2016, the Asia Pacific region will become the second largest consumption area of alcohol commodities in the world, with 85.9% of the growth coming from China and India

investors are optimistic about the Chuangui liquor bag Market

the Baijiu industry is growing rapidly, which correspondingly leads to inaccurate test results, and the Baijiu packaging and printing market is also rising. According to the annual reports released by these high-end Baijiu groups, the packaging of high-end Baijiu is controlled by their own people. Each liquor enterprise has its own packaging material company or supporting enterprise, and even some liquor industry groups have their own packaging and printing base. For example, Shanxi Xinghua village liquor industry group has a printing base, and these enterprises have full orders in recent years

alcohol packaging is a fully market segment. In areas with underdeveloped packaging and printing industry, alcohol packaging business has become the marketing target of some packaging and printing enterprises. Guizhou Jinjia new material packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Jinjia) is a typical example. As early as 2009, Jinjia group, the leader of cigarette label enterprises, took a fancy to Guizhou cigarette label market. After a few years, Guizhou Jinjia has undertaken 20% of Guizhou cigarette label printing business. Not only that, but also provide wine boxes and handbags for huaijiu and anjiu design. Pengguoyi, general manager of Guizhou Jinjia, once said that Zunyi Renhuai's wine box and handbag packaging market alone has 2.5 billion yuan per year. As a major Baijiu Province, Guizhou, Anshun, Tongren and other counties and cities are full of good liquor, and the annual share of liquor packaging in the province is about 5billion yuan

Hongbo shares' 2011 fixed increase project, Sichuan high-end packaging and printing project, which focuses on lottery printing, was put into construction. The company said that the Sichuan packaging and printing project is positioned in the high-end packaging and printing segment market, and is located in the centralized development area of Luzhou liquor industry in Sichuan. This Park gathers Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Langjiu, Jiannanchun, Shuijingfang and other well-known brands

of course, there are also retail investors in the alcohol packaging market. Longgangbo molding shrinkage: 3.1 (7) 7% Tian packaging factory is a private enterprise, which does all kinds of packaging. Wine packaging is part of the business of the enterprise. At the 86th national sugar and Wine Fair held in Chengdu not long ago, the business owners not only saw the huge market for alcohol packaging, but also got some orders. Excited, he wrote on his Weibo that he had a good harvest after returning from the Chengdu sugar and Wine Fair

the high-end Baijiu group is also increasing its investment in its packaging companies. According to the annual report of Moutai, Guizhou, the packaging related projects invested by the raised funds, the color printing and packaging production line project (with a planned investment of 34.68 million yuan) and the corrugated box production line project (with a planned investment of 33.46 million yuan) were not completed during the reporting period of the annual report

Wuliangye's annual report shows that in 2012, Wuliangye Group's Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye exquisite printing Co., Ltd. planned to invest 150million yuan in the technical transformation project of filling and leveling the packaging and printing line system of exquisite printing high-end products. During the reporting period of the annual report, the actual investment was 50.85 million yuan, and the progress of the project reached 95%

the high-end and low-end grades of wine packaging have been expanded

at present, under the condition of limited production capacity, ultra-high-end Baijiu brands are increasingly positioning towards luxury goods, and medium and low alcohol liquor will become the mainstream of market consumption. Its corresponding wine packaging has also been repositioned. With the rising market of high-end Baijiu and the development of processing technology and technology, high-end wine packaging is becoming more and more high-end, and medium and low-end wine packaging is gradually becoming exquisite

it is understood that grain and packaging account for about 20% and 45% of the cost of some high-end Baijiu, while labor costs, fuel power and manufacturing costs account for about 16%. In terms of proportion, wine packaging materials account for the largest proportion, which also shows that wine enterprises have the greatest efforts in wine packaging

the packaging grade of wine is related to whether the added value of products can be improved. Take the 298000 yuan Panamanian gold medal Wuliangye package, which was hyped in the media a few days ago, as an example. Its bottle body adopts a classic wine jar shape, the bottom is inlaid with a lotus throne, and the base and cap are all made of 24K pure gold. In addition, Wuliangye's sealed jar wine, priced from 150000 yuan to 180000 yuan, is divided into three types: red glaze, blue glaze and blue and white porcelain. The jar body packaging of this wine is carefully selected from national ceremonial porcelain, and the materials are high-quality resources such as kaolin from New Zealand, bone carbon from Britain, glaze from Japan, pigments and gold paste from Germany, and gypsum from Taiwan, China. The breakthrough in traditional shape design, exterior decoration patterns and capacity has made itself a fine art of Chinese porcelain. This kind of wine packaging has become a luxury

how much money can packaging and printing enterprises earn from the packaging and printing of general wine? The boss of Longgang Botian packaging factory said that the factory printed 1000 red wine boxes for a winery in Jiangsu, which could earn 3000 yuan. How much profit do you say? For another example, if a bill is 500000 yuan, the design fee is 3000 yuan. Do you say less

the boss said: now customers are smarter than before. They will ask many enterprises to calculate all materials, processes and costs clearly, and all profits are known to everyone. Although business is difficult this year, the boss's wine packaging order is expected to be completed ahead of schedule

high end Baijiu packaging will strengthen anti-counterfeiting measures this year

the media learned from the annual reports of some Baijiu listed companies that high-end Baijiu will increase investment in anti-counterfeiting technology in 2012

Wuliangye has invested a lot in anti-counterfeiting. According to its 2011 Annual Report, Wuliangye invested 43.3229 million yuan in RFID anti-counterfeiting labels, an increase of 48.35% compared with 29.2032 million yuan in 2010

as a leading enterprise in the domestic RFID field, Yuanwang Valley's annual report shows that in 2011, the company made efforts in the wine anti-counterfeiting market, and Wuliangye is its important customer

expensive products include polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, polyformaldehyde, replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials, and flexible materials. Recently, zhoumaotai decided to invest about 180million yuan to build a Maotai liquor circulation traceability system to improve the anti-counterfeiting function of Maotai liquor. It is understood that the system can realize the quality traceability and anti-counterfeiting of Maotai Liquor by adding RFID electronic tags, storing the corresponding traceability and anti-counterfeiting information, and cooperating with the information processing of the system platform

at the 86th national sugar and wine trade fair, the person in charge of Wuliangye's relevant departments said that Wuliangye has successively installed anti-counterfeiting labels on high-end wine, and RFID labels will be placed on the bottle cap. Once the bottle is opened, it will be damaged and cannot be reused

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