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Marriage also needs three gold and hardware. Of course, becoming beautiful is also divided into three piece sets and five piece sets

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facial contour plastic surgery, doctors or consultants often ask what beauty seekers want to do, such as the six piece set of facial contour or the three piece set of facial contour, etc

contour three piece set

about contour three piece set, it must be familiar to beauty lovers. It refers to cheekbones, mandibular angle and chin plastic surgery. Through the comprehensive improvement of these three operations, the face can have obvious changes, so it has become the choice of many beauty lovers who are not satisfied with contour shape

zygomatic reduction surgery is a surgical method that cuts out the prominent cheekbones and reduces the degree of prominent cheekbones, while creating a three-dimensional aesthetic, delicate and delicate face. Too prominent cheekbones will cause the face to look too wide and too large. Cheekbone reduction surgery can reduce the towering cheekbones and flatten them, while reducing the visual area of the face and softening the overall temperament

the square mandible is too large, which will not only lead to the face area is too large, but also appear hollow cheeks, resulting in the image is too strong and not soft enough. The square mandible surgery can grasp the cause and fundamentally solve the problem. When the maximum load exceeds 3% - 5%, the square mandible is reduced by cutting off the mandible, changing the prominent mandibular angle into a soft Vline, thus changing the image of fierce performance experiments and having a small face shape

it is too cumbersome, and the rest are being made.) the standardized jaw used for the calibration of temperature screening instruments in Hubei will give people an image of not being wise enough. A long chin will lengthen the facial lines too much, giving people the impression of cunning. Through the reconstruction of Chin osteotomy, T-shaped chin osteotomy can effectively improve the proportion and shape of the chin, and achieve the perfect Vline effect

in fact, it is emphasized that face surgery is a comprehensive operation, not just bone surgery, but also some auxiliary operations need to be cooperated

it's the same for mandibular angle surgery. There are three sets in total. The first is to do osteotomy of the mandible, the second is to remove the outer plate, and the third is to remove the masseter part, which is the so-called three piece mandibular plastic set

face contour six piece set

then what is the six piece set of face contour? In addition to the three piece set of the jaw and the three piece set of the cheekbone, the part of the zygomatic process, the lowering of the cheekbone, the inward pushing of the zygomatic arch, and the lifting of the temporal part, these are the three piece set of the cheekbone, so together they are six piece sets. Then why should we make the cheekbone and the face shape in the middle? In fact, this is what many of us worry about when doing surgery. After the surgery, the face droops. Because the bone is small, Our facial soft tissue will appear relatively more

for example, we used to wear a big clothes, we are very fat, after we lose weight, our clothes will be big, or appear a little loose, in order to prevent facial sagging caused by surgery. We need to make a small incision on the face, and then make a small incision to suspend the soft tissue upward, and then heal on the upper part of the original position, which is to avoid the drooping of the zygomatic facial soft tissue caused by the operation

therefore, the six piece set of facial contour, the first is the reduction of cheekbones, the internal pushing of zygomatic arch osteotomy, and then the lifting of the temporal part, the three piece set of the mandible, the mandible has a mandibular angle osteotomy of the mandible, the removal of the outer plate, and the partial removal of the masseter muscle, which adds up to a six piece set

different face shapes give people different feelings: elegant, cheerful, sad. Through repeated technical exchanges and on-site analysis with cement enterprises, even people of the same age, some are very young, some are very old-fashioned

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