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The market value exceeded 60billion for the first time! With the key of struggle, we will embark on a great journey in the next ten years

with a market value of more than 60billion for the first time! With the key of struggle, start the great journey of the next decade

April 15, 2020

on April 14, the closing price of Dongfang Yuhong (SZ 002271) was 38.88 yuan, the highest intraday price was 39.20 yuan, and the total market value exceeded 60 billion yuan. Shanghai and Shenzhen a temporarily improved the localization level of key materials such as advanced semiconductor materials, new display materials, high-end optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials, ranking 160th. The building materials sector is second only to conch cement, temporarily ranking second. This breakthrough is only 43 days away from the market value exceeding 50billion on March 2, 2020+ 3

Dongfang Yuhong always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "for the country, society, customers, employees and shareholders", creating value and guarding value. 1. Shorten the service life of electronic universal testing machine: electrostatic adsorption dust coating

we are marching towards the moon with stars and moon, aiming to reach a new peak, so as to stand among the stars, live up to the great opportunities provided by national prosperity and social stability for the promising development of enterprises, live up to the full support and support of customers, live up to the struggle and expectation of all Oriental Yuhong people, and live up to the trust and trust of investors

"industry serves the country and serves the people"

as a service provider of China's building materials system, Dongfang Yuhong has actively helped national construction, responded to national strategies and implemented actions since its establishment

we will seamlessly integrate development and society, and we are duty bound to protect building safety. During the epidemic prevention and control period of the COVID-19, Dongfang Yuhong retrogradely built a defense fortress against the epidemic, and successively rushed to Wuhan Huoshen mountain, Leishen Mountain hospital, Jingmen, Xiaogan, Suzhou, Xi'an and other more than 20 anti epidemic medical emergency projects. At the same time, we will actively resume production, meet the needs of customers and the market with stable production, and work together to stimulate the economic vitality of the city and the country

with the firm belief of constantly improving the construction quality, Dongfang Yuhong takes the needs of customers and society as the highest instruction, and the professional system service ability has become the core competitiveness of the company's sustainable development. At present, the company takes the main waterproof business as the core, and forms a building materials system service provider with multiple businesses such as building waterproof, civil building materials, nonwovens, building coatings, building repair, energy conservation and thermal insulation, special mortar, building powder and so on. The company continues to strengthen lean management and seek benefits from management, with a view to continuously improving business quality and expanding economies of scale

"unremitting struggle, tenacity and success"

every flower and applause is due to the long and lonely perseverance, thanks to countless days and nights of hard work. At present, the global economy is in a historical contraction. With the cyclical impact of the global outbreak of the COVID-19 and the severe situation of multiple difficulties, it is not allowed to take a chance and relax for a moment. To make the most difficult preparations and delay satisfaction, we should look up to the stars and work hard. Traveling day by day, not afraid of thousands of miles, has become the driving force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and sees hope because of persistence. Please wait and see for the next 10 years of the Oriental Rainbow

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