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China XCMG "marriage" German concrete giant schweiying

China XCMG "marriage" German concrete giant schweiying

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Guide: China Construction machinery industry giant XCMG group held an equity cooperation project delivery ceremony with Germany schweiying company, the global leader in concrete machinery, on the 6th. As a result, XCMG group owns 52% of the equity of schweiying company. This is XCMG group's successful acquisition of ft (fluitronics) in Germany and the Netherlands

XCMG, a Chinese construction machinery giant, held an equity cooperation project delivery ceremony with schweiying, a global leader in concrete machinery, on the 6th. As a result, XCMG owns 52% of the equity of schweiying

this is another international M & a project carried out by XCMG after the successful acquisition of ft (fluitronics) Company in Germany and AMCA company in the Netherlands. It is also another Chinese construction machinery enterprise buying German famous brand enterprises after Sany Heavy Industry (600031), a Chinese enterprise, acquired Putzmeister, another global concrete giant

at the beginning of this year, Sany Heavy Industry invested 324million euros to acquire 100% equity of German Putzmeister company, a global concrete pump manufacturing giant, jointly with CITIC fund. At present, the transaction amount of XCMG's acquisition of schweiying is unclear. According to Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, "the transaction price is not expensive, very cheap."

schweiying company, located in the small town of helner, Ruhr district, Germany, is a family business with a history of nearly 80 years, with a complete set of concrete machinery and equipment. However, in recent years, the synchronization of the two thrust cylinders is ensured by the synchronous oil circuit of the synchronous valve in the hydraulic system. In recent years, with the spread of the economic crisis, the enterprise has encountered some difficulties in its development

Wang Min said that XCMG still lags behind the world's advanced level in concrete machinery manufacturing, and working together with Shi Weiying can complement each other's advantages and achieve a win-win situation. XCMG has gained the technology, channels and brand influence of schweiying. Schweiying has also solved the financing problem and won a broad market in China

he told that the acquisition of schweiying would help XCMG improve its core competitiveness and overall strength in the field of concrete machinery manufacturing. XCMG will try its best to maintain its original management team, R & D and manufacturing team after holding Shi Weiying, and there is no further collection at present. CES has also made a survey report purchase plan on regional markets and utilization fields. "It is hoped that the outstanding people in Germany can become the outstanding people of XCMG. Because some of the small housing and other industries of the public are talents who are used, and they are not treated in terms of nationality and country, XCMG group will also employ local people in Germany or other countries in the future."

Gerhard schweiying, President of schweiying company, said that his father, the founder of the company, founded schweiying from a handicraft workshop in 1934. He never thought that the company would take root in the world and realize a strategic partnership with a Chinese enterprise

Mr. schweiying said that globalization has brought many challenges to schweiying, and strengthening international cooperation is conducive to improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Together with XCMG, Shi Weiying "won not only the Chinese market, but also the world market". According to him, the products of the two enterprises can be well combined, and "mutual benefit" is the basis for cooperation between the two enterprises

talking about how the two enterprises "hand in hand" succeed, Wang Min said that the stable operation of the two enterprises is very close to the integrity culture. When they come together, they are completely "free love type", and he is very optimistic about the future of this "new couple"

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