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Marking glue: new products are promoted in the application field of epoxy resin

with the continuous expansion and deepening of the application of epoxy resin products, new products emerge in endlessly - marking glue in the application field of handicrafts is one of them. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that when this new term was first born, some people misunderstood it as road coating, which shows its professional application, which also shows the development of China's epoxy resin market from another aspect

marking adhesive has excellent bonding strength, which is applicable to the drawing of patterns or lines on the surface of lighting, glass photo frames, bulbs and other handicrafts. It is also called vertical adhesive for the packaging and bonding between metals, ceramics, wood, glass, fiber products and hard plastics, as well as other products that need to draw lines or surface decoration. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the marking adhesive developed and produced by Qiangli composite Co., Ltd. currently includes transparent and colored. Among them, the components of transparent epoxy resin scribing adhesive are main agent 512a-1 and curing agent 51, which saves cost 2b-1 for enterprises and is transparent liquid; Colored epoxy no longer neatly stacks one layer of materials flatly. The resin marking adhesive component is the main agent 537a-2 and curing agent 537b-2, which is a black or white liquid (which can be colored) They are all normal temperature or medium temperature cured products with moderate curing speed, good transparency, high hardness, flat, bright surface, no bubbles, strong adhesion, good adhesion, good acid-base resistance, good moisture-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof performance, damp heat resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. Transparent product agent a can be mixed into other colors by adding various color pastes. Colored products also have good electrical and physical properties such as insulation, compression resistance, high bonding strength, etc

this product is relatively simple to use. First, take the amount according to the proportion to mix agent a and agent B, and then fully stir them evenly to avoid incomplete curing. Transparent products can be appropriately added with color paste to adjust the color, or talc powder to adjust the coarse drying conditions of the lines to be drawn: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃, 2 hours fine and the height of the vertical line. After adding, it needs to be fully stirred; For non-ferrous products, talc powder can be appropriately added to adjust the thickness of the lines to be outlined and the height of the vertical line. The amount of addition is about 10% - 20% of the mixing amount of agent a and agent B. Mixing after adding 2. Check whether the jaw is placed correctly and evenly and used in time. Try to use the mixed glue within the available time. Clean the containers and appliances used in time during the curing process to prevent the glue from solidifying on the appliances

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