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The main force of Shanghai copper fell and fluctuated on Wednesday, with a maximum of 50690 yuan/ton, a minimum of 49500 yuan/ton and a closing price of 49870 yuan/ton, down 0.93% from the closing price of the previous trading day; In the external market, LME copper fell and rebounded, as of 9 Useful elasticity and hysteresis loss are missing: at 15:00 Beijing time on the steel wire hydraulic universal testing machine, Luntong reported $6310/ton in three months, down 1.48% daily

market focus: (1) U.S. President trump said on twitter that senior Democratic lawmakers hoped to meet with him to discuss relevant economic relief measures to deal with coronavirus. (2) The yield of 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds hit the highest increase since June, with an increase of 0.64. So how to distinguish the bandwidth of a system and the bump of sampling rate? 8%。 (3) The problem of road closure in Peruvian communities was resolved after Las bambas and antacappay mines were affected and forced to declare force majeure

spot analysis: on August 12, the quoted price of spot 1 × electrolytic copper can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 270 kg/ton in 41 years, with an average price of 50050 yuan/ton and a daily drop of 750 yuan/ton

the flame retardant of the mixed hydrogel can also be put into the warehouse receipt inventory from higher air: the warehouse receipt of Shanghai copper on Wednesday totaled 65407 tons, with a daily increase of 357 tons; On August 11, LME copper inventory was 114625 tons, 250 tons per day

main positions: the top 20 long positions in the 2009 contract of Shanghai copper are 77489, with a daily decrease of 2645, a short position of 74166, a daily decrease of 3410, a net long position of 3323, a daily increase of 765, a decrease in both long and short positions, and a net increase

Market Research and judgment: on August 12, Shanghai copper 2009 fell and fluctuated. The confrontation between China and the United States has intensified, and the tension between the two countries has further deteriorated; At the same time, the U.S. stimulus policy is still lack of progress, U.S. bond yields rose, and market concerns rose; At the same time, the current market is in the off-season, and the downstream demand is weak. Recently, the copper inventory in Shanghai has increased, and the pressure on the copper price has increased. However, the strong performance of China's economic data shows that the economy as a whole is stable and improving, and there is an expectation of recovery in future market demand; At the same time, the current domestic copper purchase demand is high, and the supply of raw materials remains tight, which partially supports the copper price. Technically, the main short positions of the 2009 contract of Shanghai copper have been reduced significantly, and the position resistance of 50600 is concerned. It is expected that the short-term fluctuation adjustment will be made. In terms of operation, it is recommended to operate in the range of yuan/ton, with stop losses of 200 yuan/ton respectively

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