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Market visit market feeling: paint "going to the countryside" competes for township blue ocean

market visit market feeling: paint "going to the countryside" competes for township blue ocean

September 2, 2020

after home appliances and cars to the countryside, the central government officially proposed "building materials to the countryside". The expansion of the pilot scope of building materials to the countryside is the general trend, and the construction space of "new countryside" is huge. It is estimated that building materials to the countryside will have an economic pulling effect of hundreds of billions of yuan. Does this mean that the township coating market has great potential for the coating market

from the recent market visits, the home building materials industry in the first and second tier cities is more affected by real estate, and the third and fourth tier cities and township markets are less affected. They developed a polymer called polyethylene (2), 5-furan-2 carboxylate (PEF). In addition, the first and second tier cities tend to be saturated, and with the improvement of the living environment requirements of township residents, coating enterprises may wish to turn some of their attention to the township coating market

however, entering the township coating market is not an inevitable smooth road. To do a good job in the township coating market, coating enterprises must adjust their product development and marketing strategies according to their own positioning and the actual situation of the township

conduct in-depth research on the township coating market

the township coating market is different from the coating market in the first and second tier cities. If you copy the practice of the first tier cities mechanically, it will obviously have many disadvantages and may not be successful. Therefore, paint enterprises should fully understand the characteristics of township paint market

what products should be considered first by coating enterprises to occupy a large share in the township market. Taking rural houses as an example, their area is generally large, and a large amount of paint is required. If medium and high-grade paint is selected, the cost will be greater, which is a little unrealistic for rural areas where the consumption level is not very high

the development of township coating market needs a journey of 600 ⑴ 500mm, which can be enough to innovate the marketing mode. In addition, the consumption demand and consumption capacity of township residents should also be the content of the research of coating enterprises

product research and development for the township market

although the township coating market has great room for development, whether the coating enterprises want to enter the township coating market depends on the positioning of the coating enterprises themselves. The purchasing power of villages and towns is far lower than that of first and second tier cities in order to solve this contradiction. Medium and high-end paint brands are obviously not suitable for the consumption needs of township residents. Therefore, coating enterprises need to do product research and development for the township market

after a large amount of data analysis and market research, combined with the specific consumption characteristics of rural areas, we will further develop special environmental protection products for rural areas to meet the needs, so that the new products launched can really be used in the rural market

after long-term research, it is found that compared with the primary and secondary markets, the county and town markets have two obvious characteristics in home decoration:

1 generally, the township markets are large household types

in recent years, China has issued many policies that are conducive to farmers, and many farmers go out to work to earn money. Each farmer has some spare money in his hand. It is not as difficult to buy a house and build a house as before. In addition, the presence of homestead encourages farmers to improve their living environment. In addition, the houses in villages and towns are relatively cheap, so they are basically large households

2 high degree of residential dispersion

as we all know, villages and towns are generally distributed beside highways, rivers, the periphery of urban areas, beside railways, towns, small areas, and small areas, with a high degree of dispersion

according to these characteristics, we should find a way suitable for the development of the township market. Through the successful marketing road, we can enter the township market and farmers' homes. The consumers in the township market also have the following consumption characteristics:

first, we value the benefits

consumers in the township market pay more attention to whether the price is cheap and what to give away when buying paint. These are the characteristics of consumption in the township market, so in this market, the product pricing cannot be unacceptable to consumers at the beginning, so they won't come next time

second, I believe that word of mouth

decorating houses and painting internal and external walls are very important things for consumers in Township markets in their lives, but usually they don't pay attention to this information and don't know much about it. Except from oil workers and TV, there is basically no other way, and many people won't go, so they ask their relatives and friends about this information, This leads to a group of people being affected if a person does not use the brand paint well

it's not called an experimental machine

third, we don't know much about paint

we know little about it when we use it, and consumers in the township market don't know much about paint, so it's necessary for salespeople to introduce the characteristics of brand paint more, and implant the enterprise concept into consumers' minds, so that consumers can form a concept of brand. This is very important. The best way to sell paint is to be a salesperson who knows the township market and makes consumers feel friendly

IV. it takes a long time to shop around for products to buy.

as consumers in Township markets generally belong to low-end consumption, they often don't decide to buy products by going to one store. They often go to several stores, or they can go all over the place, comparing prices and giving things away. Therefore, it often takes a long time to buy products from the beginning and finally make a deal. Paint salesmen should be patient and give every consumer a warm reception without getting tired of it

according to the above characteristics and consumption habits of home decoration in Township markets, experts from Longfen summarized that the focus of paint sales in Township markets should be:

1. It is necessary to find a suitable place to open a franchise store in combination with the scattered situation of township settlements

2. The products should be targeted at the selling points of the market, and formulate a set of product promotion plans suitable for the market

3. Train salespersons suitable for township markets, And formulate a system suitable for this market

with the urbanization of paint to the countryside, problems will appear one after another and find solutions. Understand these characteristics of township consumer groups, start from the grass-roots level of the township market, expand and strengthen this market, and get a share of this market

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