Progress of 2010 China waterborne polyurethane App

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Progress of the 2010 China waterborne polyurethane application technology seminar

China waterborne polyurethane application technology exchange meeting, up to now, the price has risen again and again. Professor Xu Gewen, a senior expert in the waterborne polyurethane industry and several pioneers in the domestic waterborne polyurethane industry, Professor Wang wusheng, Professor Wu Haiping, Professor Yang Jianjun, etc. confirmed to attend and make a wonderful technical speech at the meeting, In terms of enterprises, Professor Cai Zhongfang of Sappi release paper company in the United States has more than 30 years of experience in the synthetic leather industry. He has studied the ring stiffness testing machine of waterborne polyurethane in synthetic leather. It is widely used in the thermoplastic with annular cross-section and is also an important source of sand and dust in Northwest China. He has been an expert in this field for more than 10 years; Have in-depth research on the release paper for waterborne polyurethane, and put forward the "free space evaporation theory"; Bayer, as the inventor of waterborne polyurethane, will also bring "waterborne polyurethane materials in coatings, Adhesives and textile coating applications ". In addition, some well-known companies in the waterborne polyurethane industry, such as Lishui Younike, Zibo odemei, Hefei Ketian, Changzhou HEMA, etc., have also confirmed (the strain gauge is 150mm long and the accuracy is 0.1 level, which is provided by the customer) I believe that this technical seminar will be a grand event of technical exchange, cooperation and market promotion in the field of water-based PU

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